How to Use QuickTime Player on a Mac: The Mini-Guide

play video in quicktime

Many users ask how to apply QuickTime Player as it could be used to play/record/fix/share videos and music on the Apple computer.


You may notice several playback controls in QuickTime Player. Each of them can be used to pause, rewind, skip, make the sound louder, etc. To see the playback controls, simply move the pointer over the player’s window. Replace the pointer to make the controls disappear.

Swipe with 2 fingers on the trackpad – that is how you can transfer rapidly forward/backward via the timeline. Another option is to click fast-forward/rewind to speed up the playback.

A full-screen button makes it possible to see a video in full screen. Another option is to select View and Enter Full Screen. Users may apply split-screen view starting with OS X El Capitan. That is the way to stream movies to the Apple TV.


Did you know that QuickTime Player can even record a film from the user’s camera? It is also possible to record the screen of the target iOS device or Mac. In addition, the app may record sounds from a microphone on an Apple computer.

Record a movie

Not only you can operate with the built-in camera – external equipment also works. In case a Mac owner has OS X Yosemite or up, it is possible to record the device’s screen using a Lightning port as well as iOS 8 or recently released.

movie recording
  1. Select File. Then, choose New Movie Recording.
  2. If you wish to modify the settings, pick the arrow next to Record. Select the preferred camera/iOS device along with the quality and other supporting equipment like a microphone.
  3. Apply the volume slider if you wish to control the audio during the recording process.
  4. Push the Record button to begin the process. Once you push it once more, the process stops.

Record just sounds

Use a built-in/external microphone or another Core Audio-compliant audio device to record sounds.

  1. Select File. There, you will notice New Audio Recording.
  2. Do you wish to modify the settings? Pick the arrow near the Record option. Pick the microphone along with the quality.
  3. In order to control the process, apply the volume slider.
  4. Push the Record button to begin the process. Doing the same will stop the recording process as well.

Record your screen

screen recording quicktime

With the help of screen recording, one may come up with a film depicting the whole screen or just some part of it. In case of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, apply the movie-recording option.

  1. Select File and New Screen Recording.
  2. If you would like to fix the settings, pick the arrow located next to the Record option. Pick None in case you have no desire to take a voiceover/another audio. Select Show Mouse Clicks if you wish to display a black circle for each onscreen click.
  3. Apply the volume slider to control the sound.
  4. Pick the Record button. Click at any place on the screen to start recording it in full Another option is to drag to choose an area you wish to record. Finally, push Start Recording.
  5. Pick Stop to prevent the recording process. Push Command + Control + Escape.


Among all known features, QuickTime Player’s editor has trim, split, flip & rotate and cut/copy/paste/delete.


This one exists to get rid of the useless parts of the film.

  1. Pick Edit and go Trim. Notice the yellow trimming bar.
  2. Drag the handles to choose the necessary area. Other options include:
  3. Pushing Play to display the chosen area.
  4. Transfer through the chosen area y swiping the 2 fingers on the trackpad/scrolling/dragging within the trimming bar.
  5. Select View. Then, choose Show Audio to define the quiet parts of the film.
  6. Pick Trim. You can notice all videos/audio outside the trimming bar is gone. In Edit àUndo Trim, you can fix that.

Split Video

Apply Split if you would like to divide a video into two or more parts. You can manipulate them later. To do so:

  1. Choose the point in the timeline to have the video Select Edit and Split Clip.
  2. Next, the user has several options:
  • Drag a clip prior to/after another clip.
  • Swipe with 2 fingers to move through a clip. You may either scroll with your mouse. Select Edit and Split Clip at any point you wish. This way, you will divide the chosen video.
  • Pick View. Trim the target clip.
  • Select View. Then, choose Show Audio Track to define silent parts.
  • Pick a clip and select other editing features. They are located in the Edit menu. The options are Copy, Paste, Cut, and Delete.
  • Select Play. It will launch all clips at a time.
  1. Push Done. Select View and Show Clips. If you wish to cancel the splits, just pick Edit and Undo Split Clip.

Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete

Apply Copy, Paste, Cut, or Delete functions. They are all in the Edit menu. Keep in mind that in case you paste a clip into another video, there is no need to edit clips in that film. Pick any point in the timeline of another video to add the selected clip.

If you wish to combine the videos together, end to end, launch the initial film. Select Edit and Add Clip to End. Pick another video from the file dialog.

Flip or rotate

It is possible to apply the flip and rotate functions from the Edit menu while watching a film or editing it. Such options allow flipping/rotating the whole film or just clip.


Once you saved the film, share it via Mail, Messages, YouTube, or AirDrop. Other alternatives include:

  • Launch the file in QuickTime Player. Select File and Share.
  • Launch the file in the app, and choose Share icon.
  • Control-click the file in Finder. After that, select Share. It’s in the shortcut menu.