Is It Possible to Read iBooks On PC?

To begin with, let’s find out what iBooks is, what types of books can be read with the help of this program and on which devices. After that, the answer to the original question will be obvious to you.
iBooks is the official application developed by the Tim Cook corporation for buying and reading books of different styles and genres. In just the last few years, this very good “reader” has transformed into an excellent tool. Thanks to this app, books are downloaded in the fastest possible way.

iBooks reads two file formats – EPUB and PDF. The owners of Apple devices (computers and mobile gadgets) can use this application. But today more and more often the question about the availability of iBooks on PC arises on the Internet. As you may know, one can read Amazon Kindle books on any device running the There are some nuances here, but it is generally a no-sweat task. Today we will try to figure out whether it is possible to read iBooks on a PC.

iBooks VS. PC

read ibooks on windows

On the Internet, users are increasingly expressing their discontent with the fact that books purchased for several dozens of dollars can only be read on Apple devices. This frustrates those users who have, for example, iPhone but do not possess MacBook and thus, they cannot access their favorite books from their PCs and laptops.

In an attempt to find a way out of this situation, lovers of reading come up with different options. In the section “What are the requirements for using iBooks?”, it is indicated that this program works with the ePub format. Knowing this, some readers try to use the Firefox or Chrome add-ons that read ePub. But does it really work?

When you try to open the book in this way, you can receive an error message as such: “This e-book is protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM).” As a rule, for this reason, the book can’t be opened and displays a mistake alert. Perhaps, books downloaded from iBooks can be read in Firefox if these are free books. But you cannot open a book bought, for example, for $25, in a browser on your PC.

The bottom-line is, no matter how sad it may sound, but reading books bought in iBooks on a PC is nearly impossible because of DRM. Digital Rights Management does not allow you to open the book on any device other than Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.