How to Redeem iTunes, App Store, Apple Music Gift Cards, and Content Codes?

Gift cards for Apple services provide the credit for purchasing items like songs, videos, TV shows, applications, books/audiobooks. Also, it is possible to purchase Apple Music membership, extra iCloud storage, etc.

How to Redeem iTunes & App Store Gift Cards?

After redeeming an iTunes and App Store Gift Card, the funds on the card are transferred to your Apple ID. Using the App Store, iTunes Store or iBooks Store credit is possible if you use the same Apple ID account to sign into each store. The gift card credits are used for every purchase made in a store until you reach the credits limit.

Redeem an Apple Music Gift Card

Feel free to use your Apple Music Gift Card credit for an Apple Music membership. If you aren’t an Apple Music member, using the gift card credit will sign you up for a membership automatically. If you’ve already joined Apple Music, adding the credit will extend your membership’s renewal date according to the number of months recorded on the card. Redeeming a promo or content code will make the associated items download to your iOS device automatically.

Find out more information about codes and cards, and which actions to take if your Apple Music Gift Card, iTunes & App Store Gift Card or content code is inactive. Getting an Apple Music trial together with the number of months on the card is possible.

Note: months from the Apple Music gift card are inapplicable to student subscriptions, Family subscription, and mobile phone services.

How to Locate Your Redemption Code?

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To reveal the redemption code hidden on the back of your gift card, gently scratch off the label covering it. After that, use the 16-digit code that starts with an X to reclaim your card.

Note: On older cards, the number can appear in different places. Also, the content/promo codes might have a different number of digits, might not start with an X, and not have a sticker.

Redeem Your Gift Cards and Codes on your iOS Device

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  1. Navigate to App Store on your iOS device. Alternatively, open the redemption page to skip a few extra steps.
  2. Tap TodayApple ID icon → Redeem.
  3. Authenticate with your Apple ID.
  4. In case you need to use the camera on your iOS device to apply your gift card, click Use Camera. Follow the instructions on the screen thoroughly to capture the redemption code or enter it manually.
  5. For App Store credit, click Done.
  6. For Apple Music offers, redeem months of Apple Music service by selecting Extend Your Membership. Redeem the App Store credit by selecting Use Credit for iTunes or App Store.

Redeem Your Gift Cards and Codes on Mac or PC

  1. Launch the iTunes app. If requested, authenticate using your Apple ID.
  2. Select Account → View My Account in the menu bar on top of the window. Provide your password once more, if requested.
  3. Next, press Enter (Return) on your keyboard → click Sign In.
  4. For an Apple Music Gift Card or iTunes & App Store Gift Card, provide the 16-digit code printed on the back of the gift card. The same goes for the promo or content codes. In specific areas, it is possible to provide the codes by clicking Use Camera on your device. Alternatively, tap You can also enter your code manually to provide the code.
  5. To finalize, click Redeem.

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