What to Do if You Cannot Install or Update iTunes on Windows

Are you a fan of iTunes and Windows trying to match these two together? What if you cannot set up or update it on the Windows personal computer? Are there any solutions?

Being unable to set up iTunes on Windows is the same as seeing “error 2” message. It is also identical to the “Apple Application Support was not found” message. Once you get the application, stick to the following stages:

(In case another mistake shows up when a user makes an attempt to launch iTunes, it is important to find out how to repair sudden quits/launch issues).

  1. Ensure that you are signed in to your computer as an admin. Do you have any doubts whether you possess an admin’s account? Then, find out how to log on as an administrator. It is also possible to apply the inserted computer’s help system. You may also reach IT department to solve the issue. The third option is to go to support.microsoft.com for extra assistance.
  1. Make sure to have the most recent Microsoft Windows version with all necessary updates. You can get everything you need at the Microsoft Windows Update website. Keep in mind that you will need Windows 7 or up in case you wish to install iTunes. It should possess the most recent Service Pack. What if there is no way to set up the updates? Just turn to the computer’s help system and get in touch with IT department. Another option is to enter support.microsoft.com in your browser to obtain professional assistance.
  1. Download the most recent supported version of iTunes for your personal computer from the links offered below. Once you follow the link, choose Download. It will get the iTunes installer for you. Once you are asked to do so, press Save. Do not touch the Run option.

Where to download iTunes?

Please remember that iTunes 12.1.3 is the most recent version of iTunes supported for Windows XP plus Vista.

Here are the options:

Right-click on iTunesSetup/iTunes64Setup.exe. It is that same installer you obtained during the stage number three.

  • In case you have Windows Vista or up, select “Run as administrator.”
  • In case you deal with Windows XP, pick Open.

Reinstall iTunes

Have you ever installed iTunes before? Then, the installation file will ask you to fix the software.

Once the fixing procedure is over, reboot PC and attempt to launch iTunes.

Mind that:

  1. If iTunes refuses to set up or fix, you may have to delete the elements left from an installation taken before. Reinstall after that.
  2. Delete and reinstall iTunes and other app elements for Windows Vista or up. The music you purchased from the iTunes Store or imported from CDs is stored in My Music automatically. Removing iTunes means erasing those audio tracks.
  3. Deactivate the conflicting. Some processes running in the background may lead to the problems that would not allow installing iTunes successfully. In case you used to set up security programs and still experience problems with the iTunes installation process, try to deactivate/uninstall security software (such as Antivirus or Firewall) to handle the problem.
  4. Reboot your PC. Once you reboot and adjust the active applications on your personal computer, install iTunes once more.