How to Remove Duplicates in the Photos App?

Duplicate images in the Photos app may be considered a minor bug, which you can remove manually. It seems pretty easy to remove a few pictures by yourself. But what if there are hundreds if not thousands of images? How can you fix this problem with duplicates?

All these duplicates not only create a horrible mess in your folders but also occupy valuable space on your computer’s hard drive. Therefore, you obviously need to get rid of them. How to do that? Let`s take a look at 2 solutions applicable to this problem.

Remove Duplicates Manually

It`s the most obvious solution you can apply to this problem. You will just need to take one day off to check all the pictures in your Photos, comb through hundreds of photos in your libraries, detect the repeating images, and finally – erase them.

The second option to this solution is to create a new Master Folder. After that, you can easily drop the pictures in it. If there is a duplicate – the system will warn you. However, it may lead to the loss of all previous work done to organize your photos and albums.

Remove duplicates with third-party apps

Apple generally does not recommend using third-party apps to deal with various issues on your Mac. Nonetheless, sometimes they are really helpful. Take a look at a couple of tools that can help you remove duplicates in Photos.


This app can be downloaded from the developer’s official website. The retail cost for the app is $29.95. What do you need to do to illuminate the duplicates in PowerPhotos?

  • Select Default Photo Library;
  • Select the SpyGlass at the top center of the window;
  • Choose Begin duplicate

When everything is done, you will see the cascade of photos, where some photos are marked with “Check” icon and others are marked as “Box” icons. The “Box” icons are the duplicates, and you can delete them.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

You can get this application from the Mac App Store. The price for this app is shifting between $1 and $20. One of the most interesting features of this app is its ability to scan for similar photos. Therefore, it also helps you get rid of similar photos in your album. The app places all the duplicates into the special folder, where you can check them all and delete if it`s necessary.


Therefore, you can look at two main methods of removing the duplicates from your Mac. The first type is the manual removal.


  • You will get some nostalgic feelings by looking at the pictures from the past;
  • It can be a nice opportunity to dive into the past or recheck your previous work.


  • It will take a lot of time;
  • It can be very boring.

The second type is cleaning duplicates out with the help of third-party apps.


  • It will not take a lot of time to remove your duplicates;
  • You can make a cup of coffee while the duplicates being removed.


  • Apple Service does not recommend to use third-party apps.

Choose the method to your liking and clear out unnecessary picture copies from your Apple computer.