What to Do If You Forgot Password to Your Apple ID

reset apple ID passwordApple ID is an account that allows users of Apple devices to access a broad range of useful services. For example, being the owner of the unique Apple ID account, you can easily buy music in iTunes; purchase apps in the App Store; make use of the iCloud storage; read iBooks, etc.

In case you have forgotten your Apple ID password and cannot access your account, follow instructions in this article to reset it to be able to use Apple services further. For that, you will need the email address linked to your Apple ID.

Perform the password reset

The password reset procedure and instructions for different Apple ID security types (security questions, two-factor authentication, two-step verification) vary. Below you can find the one you need.

Password/security questions/email address

authorization with email

  1. On the Apple ID page, find the ‘Forgot Apple ID or Password?’ link under the sign-in form. If after you click on it, the request to confirm your mobile number appears on your screen, you should move to the recommendations for the two-factor authentication (look for them below).
  2. Next, enter your Apple ID.
  3. Having done this, choose Reset password and tap Continue.
  4. Then the system will prompt you to select the appropriate method for confirming the password reset:
  • To reset the password by answering special questions, you need to click Answer security questions. Further, do as the instruction
  • If you wish to receive an e-mail message, choose this option. When you get a message to your primary/backup email address, follow the link in it to reset the password.
  • If the system asks you for a recovery key, follow the instructions described in sections about two-step verification or two-factor authentication.

Having successfully reset your previous password, the system will prompt you to authorize again entering a fresh password. Also, you will have to update the password on other devices connected to this Apple ID.

Two-factor authentication

If previously two-factor authentication was enabled for your Apple ID, you would be able to reset or change the password from any trusted device. It can be your iPhone, or iPad, iPod touch or Mac.

For iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

Note: To use Apple mobile device for the password reset under the two-factor authentication, it must run iOS 10 or a higher version.

  1. Open the Settings section.
  2. Click [your name]->Password and Security, then Change password and adhere to the instructions on the screen of your device.
  3. If your device is running iOS 10.2 or later, the pace will be slightly different: in Settings, first, go to iCloud, then click [your name]->Password and Security->Change Password. Follow the instructions that appear on your display.

For Mac

  1. Open System Preferences via the Apple menu and click on the iCloud icon.
  2. Then go to Account Details.
  3. If the system asks you to enter a password for Apple ID, select the option ‘Forgot Apple ID or password.’ Follow the recommendations on the screen – you won’t need the steps below.
  4. If you are not requested the Apple ID password in the previous step, then tap Security -> Reset Password. In order to reset the Apple ID password, the system will ask you to enter a password you use to unblock your Mac.

How to use recovery key

iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra users receive the Recovery Key in case they change the two-step verification on their Apple ID to the two-factor authentication. Use it during the password reset process.

If you do not have access to any trusted device

Take any Apple mobile device (be it iPhone, iPod touch or iPad) and do the following:

apple ID recovery key

  1. Launch the Find My iPhone application.
  2. When the login page opens, make sure that the Apple ID field is empty. If the name of another user is in it, just delete it.
  3. Next, select the ‘Forgot Apple ID or password?’ option and do as told in the instructions on the screen.

Two-step verification

On the Apple ID account page, click ‘Forgot Apple ID or password?’. As mentioned above, if the system asks you to confirm the mobile number, go to the two-factor authentication tips.

  1. The next step is to enter the Apple ID. Select Reset password and click Continue.
  2. It’s time to enter the Recovery Key.
  3. After you select a trusted device, you will receive a confirmation code on it.
  4. Enter the received code.
  5. Enter your new password and then reset the old one.

After that, the system will prompt you to log in again, but this time using your new password.