What Can Be Done if You Cannot Reset Security Questions?

Members of the Apple community are well aware of the fact that the company takes the security of its customers extremely seriously. For this reason, Apple has introduced an additional safety layer to achieve the ultimate protection of user accounts—security questions. The questions can be used to verify an identity of a user either when communicating with the Apple Support Team or entering an account page online. When used along with other private information, it is possible to achieve a reasonable level of certainty that a person who is trying to log in to an account has the right to do so. Security questions have been specifically designed to be distinctive and memorable, which helps a user to easily recall them if their account is hijacked. During a verification procedure, a user might be asked one or more questions before they can fully use their account. Unfortunately, some Mac owners forget answers to their security questions, which calls for the resetting of the latter. The article details what can be done if security questions cannot be changed.

How to Properly Reset Security Questions?

Those who have forgotten preset answers to their security questions need to come up with new ones by following a standard procedure devised by Apple. To this end, an owner of an Apple account can use their rescue email. Those who don’t have one should add it because otherwise they will be presented with a message informing them that the company is not in possession of sufficient information to reset the said questions.

The next step in the process is to go to the Security section of an account. The section allows changing the authentication-related settings. Once in the section, do the following:

  1. Click on the Change Questions;
  2. In a window that opens, click on the Reset your security questions link;
reset security question
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  1. Access the rescue email and find a message sent by Apple;
  2. Open the message and click on the Reset Now link, which redirects a user to their ID sign-in screen;
  3. Sign in as usual and set new questions in the Update Apple ID window;
  4. After all questions and answers to them are entered, click on the Update button to save the changes.

After performing these easy steps, a user should be able to install a new app, view the device details or change their account information. However, some Mac owners report not being able to change their security questions even after setting up a rescue email. In such instances, it is recommended to contact Apple directly. It has to be done to ensure that personal identity and digital assets of a user are properly protected. The highly-trained members of the Apple Account Security team will quickly guide a user over the phone. Use this link to contact the team. If a user cannot place a call, they have to use this link. In a form that opens, select the help topic, enter a user id, first and last names, email address, and details of the issue. Next, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page.