How to Reset iPod Touch 5th Generation? Can iTunes Help?

Some Apple users hesitate about the ways they can reset their iPods Touch 5th Generation with the help of iTunes app? Is it possible at all?

Pretend a situation when you possess a worded password on your iPod Touch. All of a sudden, you made a tiny mistake while entering the password. That is why you are not able to access the device any longer. Such a pity! Many iPod owners face this problem when they have complicated passwords. From one hand, there is no better way to protect your device. On the other hand, it is a tricky situation when you make a type.

So, the question is whether an iPod owner can remove everything and reset the entire device using iTunes without touching the settings as the access is denied after a typo was made. It is a typical dilemma when a person wants to upgrade iPod Touch running iOS 7.0.6, for instance, to iOS 7.1.

Select a Method to Clean the Target Device

If you did not do a backup before the loss of password, there is no way you will save the iPod’s data. All you are left to do is wipe the device to remove all information. Pick an approach to erasing iPod in order to replace the password with a new one:

  1. iTunes is for those who sync with this app;
  2. Recovery Mode is another alternative.

Doing it with iTunes

If you can erase the target Apple device using iTunes, it is great. Make sure iPod is synced with the application. This way, you can wipe the device and come up with a new password.

  • Connect iPod to the computer you synced it with.
  • Launch iTunes. In case it insists on entering a password, switch to another computer or try Recovery
  • Wait until the app will synchronize the target iPod and complete a backup.
  • After those procedures, choose to Restore the chosen iPod.
  • Once you move to the Set Up screen while restoring your iPod, push Restore from iTunes backup.
  • Pick iPod in iTunes. Examine the date and size of every backup and choose the most recent backup.

Use Recovery Mode to Save the Day

Haven’t you synchronized with iTunes? Perhaps, you lack Find My iPhone option in iCloud as well. The only left option is to try Recovery Mode. It will help to wipe your iPod and reset the passcode.

  1. Connect target device to the computer. Launch iTunes.
  2. When iPod is connected, force reboot. To do so, push and keep holding Home + Top/Side at once. Do not release these buttons until you see the Recovery Mode screen.
  3. Select a Restore option next.
  4. Let iTunes download necessary software for your iPod. You may have to wait for 10-15 minutes. Once the Apple device quits this mode, take steps two and three again.
  5. After the process is done, set up and use iPod.