Is There a Way to Select Multiple Images in iCloud?

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Do you face the question of how to select numerous pictures in iCloud? Is it possible to choose pics without having to pick every image separately because it takes a while? So, read on to find out whether you can minimize your job.

While many users complain of being unable to select many pictures in an easy and fast way, here is what the research showed.
If you can’t do so, it might be an error in the recent iCloud user interface at the official website. All the necessary options are still present. Only one button is gone – “Select.” It is not done on intention.

A larger problem is that picking multiple pictures does not get them downloaded in a correct manner – meaning in one turn. A user can notice different windows opening for every corresponding file, which makes the desktop full. It is not really convenient. It seems difficult to execute this mission: dealing with 200 download windows popping up in a browser while 200 images have been chosen to download. Mac owners need at least what Apple offered before the modifications.

Earlier, it was possible to multi-pick albums or particular dates and download in a bundle. Even though that idea was not excellent, it was way better than having to choose every image separately. Of course, the ability to select multiple pictures would be the top feature for handling big amounts of pictures.

What every user can do right now is to download the iCloud desktop version by following this link.

Currently, the iCloud interface regarding images looks like a write-only memory: it allows uploading pictures, but it is difficult to download them. It cannot be called a lossless workflow!

Right now, the only way is to search for other options. After conducting an in-depth research, the following solution was discovered. A slightly quicker workaround is available below. First, it is necessary to understand why Apple got rid of the comfortable “Select All” option. The reason is iCloud is not stable coping with the operations related to the big number of images. By switching off the option “Select All,” the company reduced the possibility of facing responding errors.

Here is how to remove Multiple Moments

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  1. Launch your Photos.
  2. Come up with a new folder by pressing the + button on the top right.
  3. Skip the stage with folder naming.
  4. You can pick Multiple Moments now.
  5. Push the Delete button on the keyboard.
  6. Just get rid of the chosen files.

Never push Delete button just after you are done with the selection process. Wait until the page finishes loading. Otherwise, you risk obtaining a “not responding error,” which requires repeating the procedure.
You can also try a good old method, which is holding down the Shift key when clicking the first file you wish to select. Then click the last one.