How to Sell Books in iBooks Store via iBooks Author?

Modern society appreciates time so much. Especially, it concerns the business environment. If you dream of becoming world-famous as an author or at least catch fame in your country, there are actions you have to take. Today, it is not necessary to sign contracts with publishing houses. To start with, you can try selling books by yourself.

how to became iBooks Author

To publish your book in the iBooks Author app, change the file format to PDF, text document, .ePub or .ibooks.

The answer to the question how you would like to distribute the product will help you choose an appropriate format.

Via the iBooks Store

To do this, save your masterpiece in the .ibooks or .ePub format.

To publish the books directly using iTunes Connect, fill in the application and download iTunes Producer. Besides sales, you can make your books free for download.

Via iTunes U

This program accepts files in .ibooks or .ePub format. To publish your book, you need to create an iTunes U website. To do this, you can apply for it here.

On the web

Works can be distributed in the web through the iBooks Author as a stand-alone product, or by subscription. To start, save the book in non-.ibook format. Products in the .ibooks format can only be sold through the iBooks Store. When you give a book for free, it can be distributed in any format through the iBooks Store or other resources.

Property rights

iBooks Author is reliable thanks for saving all copyright in the book content. If you sell your work via .ibooks format, it depends on the distribution restrictions described above.

Well, we hope now you will get your romances from the hustle, and who knows – maybe tomorrow your masterpiece will be selling on one page with Joanne Rowling.