How to Set Up an Apple Music Student Subscription?

University and college students can enjoy the benefits of an Apple Music membership for 48 months with a discount. Note that this option is available in specific countries and regions.

How to Switch to a Student Apple Music Subscription?

If you already have an Individual membership in Apple Music, you can switch to a Student Subscription using the iMusic app or iTunes. It is possible to modify the subscription settings on Android phones as well. For a Student subscription to become active, wait until the current billing cycle ends. The new Student price will take effect at the date of subscription renewal.

How to Validate an Apple Music Student Subscription?

As soon as you request a Student Subscription in Apple Music, a special student validation service called UNiDAYS validates your student identity. The service confirms that a person is currently studying in a university or college that grant a degree. The UNiDAYS organization re-confirms the subscriber’s status periodically. The Student subscription gets canceled in two cases:

  • If UNiDAYS discovers a person is not a student of the listed university anymore;
  • If a 48-month Student subscription has ended.

After that, the Student subscription switches to an Individual Apple Music subscription.

How to Join and Set up a Student Subscription?

On iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

  1. Launch the Music app. If the message Welcome to Apple Music didn’t pop up as a greeting, press For You.
  2. In case you’re new to Apple Music or used a trial before, tap the option with the trial offer. If you already have an Apple Music subscription, tap Sign In -> switch to a Student subscription.
  3. Select College Student/University Student -> press Verify Eligibility.
  4. As soon as a browser tab opens, provide your personal or academic (.edu) email.
  5. Look up the name of your educational facility. UNiDAYS stores the email for further verification procedures.
    – If you have an active UNiDAYS account, press Already verified with UNiDAYS? -> use the registered email address to sign in.
    – If you’re studying overseas, tap Studying outside of [name of the country]? -> select the country/region.
    – Contact Support if something’s not working.
  6. In some countries and regions, you may need to log in to your school’s portal to find the Apple Music offer. You may need to enter your academic email or connect to a school’s Wi-Fi.
  7. As soon as student verification is completed, the Open this page in ‘Music’? message will show up. To get back to the Music app, tap Open.
  8. In case you only wish to join Apple Music, opt to the trial offer. If not, press Start Student Membership.
  9. Authenticate with your Apple ID or create one, if necessary
  10. Validate your billing data and select the valid payment method, if requested. Note: the monthly charge will be billed in full after the trial period ends.
  11. To refine your music preferences, select your favorite artists and genres. It is possible to compare your tastes by viewing your friends’ music preferences and get notified about new album releases.

On Mac computers or Windows PC

  1. Launch iTunes -> select  Music icon in the upper-left corner -> select For You in the top menu.
  2. Register in Apple Music or tap Sign In if you have an account. Then, switch to a Student subscription.
  3. Press Get Started -> select University/College Student -> click Verify Eligibility.

On Android Phone

  1. Go to Google Play, find and install the Apple Music app.
  2. Launch the app. If a greeting Welcome to Apple Music doesn’t show up, press For You.
  3. Register in Apple Music or tap Sign In if you have an account. Then, switch to a Student subscription.
  4. Choose either college or university student option -> tap Verify Eligibility.

The further UNiDAYS verification procedure is similar for Apple handheld devices, Macs, and Windows PCs. Follow the above step-by-step instructions to start your Student Apple Music Membership on a Mac, Windows PC, or Android phone.

How to Verify Your Eligibility?

verify student status subscription

Apple Music Student subscription needs a student status verification by the end of each year of use. The verification iOS devices and Android phones slightly differs.
In the Music app on iOS devices:

  1. Press Verify Eligibility -> Go to Website.
  2. Sign in with your educational facility’s portal.
  3. Once you return to Apple Music, the confirmation screen will appear.

In Settings on your iOS device:

  1. Open Settings -> Username -> iTunes & App Store.
  2. Authenticate with Apple ID, if necessary. Tap your Apple ID -> View Apple ID.
  3. Enter Subscriptions. Alternatively, tap Apple Music Membership if there are several different subscriptions.
  4. Tap Verify your student status. After that, you’ll be taken to a web page where you’ll need to confirm the student status with UNiDAYS.
  5. To verify your eligibility, follow the instructions. After the verification, your Student Subscription will be renewed.

If you’re no longer a student or 48-months subscription has ended, press I’m No Longer a Student, to stop repeated verification requests.