How to Share Screen in FaceTime on Mac?

Many Mac users ask if FaceTime has a screen sharing option similar to Skype. Unfortunately, the answer is no. However, there are other apps one can use to share their Mac’s screen with another user.

How to Share Screen with Another User?

invite to share my screen

The Messages app allows sharing the screen with other users as well as they can share theirs with you. If you want to share your Mac’s screen with someone, you can do that via the iMessage app. Screen sharing is handy to use for remote work. An audio call starts together with screen sharing, so it is possible to talk while you work. To initiate screen sharing, do the following:

1. In the Messages sidebar, choose the person you want to initiate screen sharing. After that, click Details. If this particular person isn’t in your contacts, message them first.

2. Click the screen sharing button button to start screen sharing. Choose one of the below options:

  • Share your screen: select Invite to share my screen.
  • View your friend’s screen: Ask to share the screen.

The separate Screen Sharing app opens after the screen sharing request is accepted.

3. If you want to quit the screen sharing session, follow these steps:

  • To stop sharing your screen, click stop sharing screen in the menu bar. Next, select End Screen Sharing. Also, you can choose to Pause Screen Sharing and choose it once more to continue.
  • To stop viewing your friend’s screen, select Screen SharingQuit. Alternatively, click the red close button.

How to Stop Receiving Screen Sharing Invitations?

It is possible to stop getting screen sharing invitations from specific people. When a person requests the screen sharing session, hold the pointer over the Decline button, click decline screen sharing, then click Block.

Note: when you participate in a screen sharing session with someone, providing access your screen gives them full control of your computer. Allow only trusted people control your screen.

How to Restrict Control Of Your Screen?

control screen sharing
  • If you get an invitation to start screen sharing: Accept the invitation → choose Control my screen to let other person control/observe your screen → click Accept.
  • If you want to start a screen sharing session: send an invitation to your friend.  Once they accept it, click stop sharing screen in the menu bar, then put a tick next to Allow [name] to control my screen.

If you want to be in control of your screen again, but still let the other person view it, click stop sharing screen → choose Allow [name] to control my screen to untick the option.

Even if you donʼt allow someone else control your screen, they can still click to highlight areas on it.

Note: it is possible to use macOS screen sharing instead of the Messages app.