How to Sign in to the Account Using Apple ID: Detailed Instructions

apple functionsWhy do users of Apple devices need an Apple ID account? With its help, they can access all services provided by the corporation. It also ensures interaction and synchronization between all Apple gadgets that are assigned to the same ID.

Every time you log in to your account, you enter your unique Apple ID. Do not know if you have a corresponding account? If you have used iTunes or App Store, iCloud or iMessage at least once, then you definitely have it.

How to log in on a new device

When the user for the first time turns on the new Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac), a notification appears on the screen calling up to sign in with the Apple ID. After completing this step, you automatically log into all the services provided by Apple (which are installed on your gadget).

To make some adjustments to the login process (for example, to use a different Apple ID for some services), the user can go to the Settings/System Settings menu.

If the device is already set up, you can log in to the account through the Settings menu on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. As for the Mac, you can authorize in each separate service.

During the first authorization process in the iTunes Store and the App Store, the system may ask you to add a credit card or other payment data. All this is to protect your account.

Please note: You can’t enter both the iTunes Store and the App Store using multiple Apple IDs at the same time. Also, it is forbidden to update the purchased content using different Apple IDs.

Authorization on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

login with apple IDIf the Apple device is running iOS 10.3 or later, log in to the iTunes Store, App Store, iMessage, iCloud and many other company services in one place.

  1. Open the Settings section.
  2. Select Sign in to your device.
  3. Next, the system will ask for the Apple ID and password to it.
  4. For accounts that are protected by two-factor authentication to log in, you need to enter a 6-digit code.

If your gadget is running on iOS 10.2 or earlier OS, to log into Apple’s services individually, you will need to perform the following actions.

  • iTunes Store и App Store. Go to Settings, then iTunes Store and the App Store. Here enter your Apple ID and password.
  • iCloud. In the Settings menu, find iCloud. Next, enter the Apple ID and password to it.
  • FaceTime. In the same Settings menu, find FaceTime, then click on your Apple ID for FaceTime. Then enter the Apple ID and password to the account.
  • iMessage. In Settings go to the Messages tab. Then activate the iMessage service.

Authorization on Mac

authorization on macIf your Apple computer is running on the latest version of the macOS OS, follow the instructions below. With their help, you will enter each service separately using only one Apple ID.

  • iTunes. Launch iTunes, go to Account and click Sign in. After you enter your Apple ID and password, click Sign in.
  • iCloud. Find the System Settings menu. There, choose iCloud and enter your unique Apple ID and secret password to it. Then click Log in.
  • iMessage. In the Messages menu, go to Settings-> Accounts. Here the system will ask you to enter your Apple ID and password.
  • FaceTime. Go into the FaceTime service and enter a unique Apple ID and password. Next, choose Log in.

Log in to iCloud and iTunes using different Apple IDs

Generally, it is recommended to use the same Apple ID for all Apple services on your gadget. This applies to the iTunes Store, App Store, and iCloud. What happens when you use several Apple IDs with these services on one device? This can lead to confusion and cause problems with the use of some Apple services.

If you do use different Apple IDs, adhere to the following recommendations.

On iPhone/iPad/iPod touch:

  • On devices running on iOS 10.3 or later, go to Settings and select Sign in to the device. Next, indicate the Apple ID that you use for iCloud. Go back to Settings and select the iTunes Store and the App Store at the bottom of the tab. Click Apple ID: [your name]-> Sign out. Next, enter the Apple ID that you use for iTunes.
  • If your device is running on iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings, and then select iCloud. Here enter the Apple ID that you want to use for iCloud. Go back to Settings, and then choose iTunes Store and App Store. Next, enter the Apple ID for iTunes.

If you are a Mac user, go to System Preferences. Click iCloud and go to your Apple ID account for iCloud. Then click iTunes, Account, Sign in. The next step is to enter the Apple ID for iTunes.

Additional information

You can share access to purchases or different services for all members of your family who have Apple devices with the Family Access feature. Within this option, up to six people can share purchases with each other in the official Apple, iBooks, and iTunes stores. They can also share a common Apple Music subscription and iCloud storage.