How Do I Use Split View in the Safari Browser on My iPad?

safari split view ios

Work with two apps at the same time in Split View. Enable landscape mode on your iPad, and use Split View for Safari, for viewing two sites simultaneously.

To begin with

  • Check your device to be updated to get the latest version of iOS.
  • Using Split View is available on iPad (fifth generation), iPad Pro, iPad mini 4 or iPad Air 2.

Enjoy the benefits of Split View for Safari

  1. Firstly, enable landscape mode on iPad.
  2. Launch Safari.
  3. Follow one of these tips, to view two websites on one screen in Safari:
  • Use Split View to open a link: touch a link, hold it, and tap the button Open in Split View.
  • Use Split View to launch a blank web page: touch the button tab split icon, hold it, and tap Open in Split View.
  • Use Split View, to open a web link in the other part of the screen: tap a link with two fingers.
  • Move the second tab along the screen, and open it on the other side of Split View: drag your tab right or left.

To quit Split View, you should touch tab split icon, hold it, and tap one of two options: Close All Tabs or Merge All Tabs. Alternatively, you can just tap the close icon button, which lets you close each one of the open tabs, and quit Split View.