How to Stream Movies & TV Shows from iTunes Store via Wi-Fi or Mobile Connection?

Can’t play a video purchased from iTunes Store or third-party apps using a Wi-Fi or cellular connection? Read on to find out how to fix the problem:

Reboot your Apple device

reboot apple tv

Rebooting your Apple device and try streaming or downloading the video content once more. Follow the links to learn how to reboot Apple TV, handheld device, and Mac computers

Check your Wi-Fi/cellular connection

iphone wifi settings

Switch to Wi-Fi network, if you’re using a cellular Internet connection. Check whether your Wi-Fi router is compliant with 802.11a/g/n/ac standard. Only fast Wi-Fi connections can handle the highest-quality video streaming (8 Mbit/s or more for HD video content).

Check the home network load

Intense Internet activities like gaming, system back up, or video streaming can make your home network slow and sluggish. To check if your home Internet network lacks capacity, ask all current users to put their activities on a temporary pause.

Stream video content on another device

Use another device to check if video streaming works on the same Wi-Fi or cellular Internet connection. In case it doesn’t, most likely something is wrong with the network and not the device you’re using.

Verify the System Status

verify system status

One of the reasons for a video streaming failure could be an iTunes Store service interruption. If you’re streaming videos on a third-party provider’s website, check if there are any service interruptions listed. If a service interruption is a reason for a video streaming failure, try to watch the videos later.

Download the videos

Obviously, downloading the video content will work if you’re having streaming issues. It is possible to download the video files purchased from the iTunes Store or third-party providers in the background to watch them later.

Note: the ability to download video content depends on the file size and storage space on your device.

To download a video purchased in iTunes Store, tap or click download icon. It may take more time to download a video compared to streaming it till the end without interruptions.

Bad news for Apple TV users: it is not possible to download video content from the service. Also, users can’t download the 4K video content to Apple devices. However, downloading the HDR content on particular iOS devices is possible.

As a rule, Apple devices stream the HQ video content purchased from the iTunes Store automatically. To decrease the quality of video playback, do the following:

  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices: navigate to Settings -> TV/Videos -> iTunes Videos.
  • Mac or Windows PC: launch iTunes, navigate to iTunes -> Preferences -> select Playback in the top menu in the iTunes window.
  • Apple TV: navigate to Settings -> Apps -> iTunes movies & TV shows -> Video Resolution.