How to Switch Apple Watch to a New iPhone?

watch os update

Bought a new iPhone and want to connect your Apple Watch to it? It is possible to transfer the contents of your Apple Watch to your new smartphone.

  • Perform iOS and watchOS updates

The first thing to do is update to the latest iOS version on your old iPhone. Check if you have the latest watchOS version installed on your Apple Watch. Next, access the Home screen on both devices at the same time. Don’t rush to erase or give your old iPhone away. If you’ve done any of those, address Apple support for help.

  • Back up your old iPhone

Back up your old iPhone to the iCloud. Alternatively, if you use iTunes backups, make sure to encrypt the backup files to keep your Health and Activity content safe. If, for some reason, you don’t have an old iPhone at hand, use the latest backup file you have.

Configure apple watch from iphone
  • Configure your new iPhone

Use the Apple Support reference to learn how to set up iOS devices. Select the latest iCloud or iTunes backup to restore user data from your old device to the new one. While setting up, keep your Apple Watch in the range of your new iPhone. When your smartphone requests for Apple Watch, tap Continue.

When the setup procedure is over, proceed to use your Apple Watch paired with your new iPhone.

How to Fix Connectivity Issues?

What should you do if your iPhone doesn’t request for Apple Watch during the setup?

  1. Disconnect your old iPhone and Apple Watch. After that, connect it with your new iPhone.
  2. Restore your Apple Watch from a backup, when requested.

What to Do If Health and Activity Content Is Missing?

If your iTunes backup is properly encrypted, there shouldn’t be any problem with restoring your new iPhone from the old iPhone’s backup. To recover missing Health and Activity content:

  1. Make a new iCloud or iTunes backup of your old iPhone.
  2. Erase the new iPhone, then restore it from the newly created backup.
  3. Pair your Apple Watch and iPhone.

Note: to recover Health and Activity content, you need to have your old iPhone with all of its data intact.

What to Do If You Didn’t Unpair Apple Watch with Your Old iPhone?

The connectivity issues might stem from the fact that an Apple Watch might be paired with your old iPhone. If that’s the case, unpair the old iPhone and Apple Watch and try one of the below options:

  1. In case you’ve recently restored the new iPhone from a newly created backup:

– Pair your iOS and watchOS devices;

– Restore from an Apple Watch backup, when requested.

Note: the recent Activity, Workouts, or settings might be lost.

  1. In case you have an iPhone backup which is a few days/weeks old:

– Erase the new iPhone;

– Transfer the content from the old iPhone to the new one;

– Pair your Apple Watch and the new iPhone again.

Note: some of the new iPhone’s content might be lost.