Where Does the Screenshot go when Using the ‘Print Screen’?

It is possible to have more than one operating system installed on your Apple computer. How about having macOS and Windows running at the same time? Boot Camp is a free special tool, which allows downloading and installing Windows as the supporting or main operating system on Mac.

One of the popular and helpful options on Microsoft’s operating system is a so-called Print Screen. It stands for the process of taking the screen photo in order to share what you see on the monitor with someone else or just save important information as PNG or JPEG file (other image formats are also available after conversion).

Doing print screens is very easy on any device as usually there is a special button or shortcut for that. Anyway, after pressing the ‘Prt Scr’ button or implementing another key combination to take a picture, some users just cannot find their new photo elsewhere. They keep looking for the image in various destinations, but it seems like it is missing or something. It seems that the picture is not simply saved in the clipboard.

It may seem that a problem refers to Microsoft community, but, in fact, Apple experts know how to deal with it in case you use BootCamp to run Windows OS on your Mac.

How to Take Screenshot in Windows

According to most of the successful case resolutions, this expert recommendation is the best one.

  1. Push the Print Screen (‘Prt Scr’) button.
  2. Launch a picture editing tool. It could be, for example, Microsoft Paint. There, you will be able to save an image in any format later.
  3. Can you see the Edit menu on your screen? Select Paste option there.
  4. Sometimes, a system may require making the picture larger, so confirm it by selecting ‘Yes’. Print screens are usually big enough in size.
  5. There is something you may do or simply skip if there is no need. Apply the photo editor crop tool to cut and delete the parts you do not wish to appear on the print screen image. It is a rather useful option for those who make screenshots regularly for various purposes.
  6. Next, choose the File menu. There, you should pick Save As option.
  7. Move to the folder where you would like to store the picture.
  8. Enter a file name to address the picture somehow.
  9. Choose a file type.
  10. Push the Save button to finish the process. Choosing various image formats is possible. It is better to select JPEG as it is the most popular and readable picture format. You can save in several formats at a time.