What to Do When My HomePod Outputs Too Much Bass?

HomePod is a rather useful addition to the iOS devices and Apple computers. However, some newbies simply have no idea how to control the sound settings. In some cases, it leads to different problems like overwhelming bass, which prevents the user from hearing anything else. No matter whether a Mac owner plays at 10-15% volume or higher, the noise still dominates. Do you experience problems hearing higher frequencies alone? Perhaps, you would like to hear every instrument separately instead of just bass. Then, you should better play with the equalizer settings.

How to Fix Problem with Bass in HomePod on Mac?

Here is how one can adjust the EQ of the HomePod while AirPlaying from an Apple computer. Luckily, in such situation, a user possesses more control over the equalizer.

  1. Go to the iTunes app on the target Apple computer.
  2. Pick the Window tab in the menu.
  3. Choose Equalizer.
macos equalizer
Source: imore.com
  1. Go to the drop-down menu. Here, you can choose a preset. When attempting to decrease the level of bass, apply Bass Reducer. Another option is called Treble Booster. Continue switching between various presets to achieve the perfect balance.
  2. If you wish to adjust the EQ manually, here is what you should do. Push the dB sliders up/down. Try to find a balance you need. Mind that the sliders on the left side are all of the low-end. Respectively, the sliders on the right are high-end. The first one stands for the bass adjustments. The second one is for the treble adjustments.

Too Much Bass in HomePod: iPhone Solution

Those users who AirPlay from their iOS device, through iTunes/Apple Music, may adjust the equalization with the help of several presets.

  1. Start playing audio tracks from the target iOS device.
  2. Go to the Settings app on the chosen device.
  3. Press the Music button.
ios equalizer
Source: imore.com
  1. Move down to find EQ. It is located below the Playback menu.
  2. Choose a preset. In case you attempt to minimize the heavy bass, select Bass Reducer/Treble Booster. Common, try various options in those menus to come up with a perfect sound to please your ears!

The fresh EQ preset will store on the target device. HomePod will apply those settings each time AirPkaying from the Music application. In order to modify the preset, a user may take the same steps. However, the sound will remain the same until he/she exits the AirPlaying mode. Start Airplaying once more.

Reason for the Problem with Bass to Show up on HomePod

The main reason you may notice too much bass in HomePod is that only a couple of speakers, woofer, and tweeter, are there, and the company has tuned the HomePod to focus on bass. For some reasons, Apple believes that is what most of the Mac and iOS owners want. Such novelty leads to the duplication of the Beats headphones. They are bass-heavy, as many of you know.

The majority of the users do not even recognize that problem as they used to live in the epoch of MP4 audio files. That is when most people appreciate heavy bass more than anything else. HomePod should initially cater to an audience that prefers modern music styles. You may forget about the ideal classical sound unless the company adds full-range speakers to HomePod. Perhaps, those who need another type of sound should think about switching to Siri, for instance, but weigh all pros and cons first. The fact is still obvious: HomePod has replaced famous Echo from its throne, so there is something good about it. All you have to do if you wish to stay with HomePod is wait until Apple improves its performance.