How to Transfer Tracks from iPod to iTunes Library

Many iPod owners have their favorite songs obtained from a library on a various computer under another iTunes account. Imagine a situation when you decide to transfer all the audio tracks from iPod to your library so that you can view it all in a single location. Perhaps, you will need this mini guide to help.

To begin with, watch out while connecting an iPod filled with audio files to an empty iTunes library. You risk staying without all the audios.

If you would like to keep away from the automatic synchronization, move to the iTunes preferences before connecting the Apple device. In Preferences, choose Devices, and next pick “Disable Automatic Syncing for iPhones and iPods.”

Another option is to connect the iPod when holding down the Control and Shift keys. Do not release them before you notice your iPod in iTunes.

Push Cancel in case of a notification telling that the target Apple device is associated with another library and asks whether you wish to connect to a new one.

“Erase and Sync” option will eliminate the existing files on your Apple device. iTunes library content will replace those native iPod files.

If you push Cancel, the device must show up in the iTunes source list under Devices and make it possible to change the update setting to control the iPod files manually. It will allow using the device for a while without any threat of deleting the information by accident.

A user may move the audio files bought from the iTunes store for iTunes version 7 or up to an authorized device with the help of the “file/transfer purchases from iPod” option. Please mind that up to five authorized computer suit here.

Sync music to iPod without using iTunes

Speaking about other methods, it is possible to apply one of the third-party applications to clone audio tracks from the iPod to the computer.

Find a good, time-tested program to move music from your Apple device back to the target computer. Some of the third-party solutions do not transfer playcounts, ratings, or more.

Experts recommend official apps like Pod Player, Floola, and iPodRobot. In case you wish to return only the structure of playlists from your Apple device, iRepo for Windows may help. However, it will not recover all the music files. In other cases, it is a standard option for these apps.

No matter what third-party software you choose, it is important to conduct a brief research to find out whether it is safe enough.