How Can I Transfer Windows PC Videos to iPad?

It is not a secret for anybody that iPad is one of the most requisite devices on the nowadays electronic market. And it’s not surprising since iPad allows you to do everything you want from working or browsing the Internet to playing games.

At the same time, no one will also deny the importance of the Windows PC. The vast majority of the world’s business population uses it commonly for work. And more often people get curious how the info could be transferred from one device to another. Is it really possible? If yes, then how to do it right? Our article will clear this situation.

How to work it out?

Actually, it turns out that moving info from PC to iPad is rather easy. You just need to know which service you need to work with. Of course, there can be some difficulties. Especially, if you are to transfer media files: it’s all about the video/movie format. And also the software itself which can help you drag the video files. Let’s look at these closer.

  1. The Software. The best one used in iPad is iTunes. Guess, that’s not a surprise to you, and you already know it. Check whether you have this one, so the transferring will be successful.
  2. The Video/Film Format. It is of the great importance to know and be aware what formats are readable in iTunes. Because exactly at this point many people get stuck and do not understand what’s wrong.

How to Transfer Movies with iTunes

Pointing out these two aspects let’s look directly at the process of dragging media files.

  1. For starters, install iTunes. If you already have it, make sure that it is up-to-date.
  2. Connect the iPad via USB. Install iPad software if you connect it for the first time. It won’t take a long time, Windows itself will install necessary drivers. Be sure that Wi-Fi connection is on.
  3. Open iTunes and set up your iPad if necessary. This is to do only for the first time. You will need to run the first time setup.
  4. Check the format of your videos. For 100% result, it should be .MOV, .MP4 or .M4V. If you have another ones differ from these, convert them into the above mentioned.
  5. If the format is ok, open iTunes and go File->Add to Library->Choose video->Open.
  6. Then look at the iTunes left pane. Here you find your media in the “movies” “TV programs” categories.
  7. Now it’s time to connect the iPad to your Windows PC.
  8. Find the connected iPad on the left pane under “Devices” section on PC.
  9. And drag media from the iTunes library onto the iPad.
  10.  After the synchronization starts, you’ll see it on the top of iTunes. Just wait for it to finish.

If some difficulties occur, don’t panic. Check all the steps mentioned above again. Pay especial attention to the format of the video you are transferring.