How to Turn Off Two-Step Verification in Apple ID

Apple is known for a robust security system that protects personal data of its customers from intruders. Although it is extremely difficult to gain illegal access to devices operating under iOS, OS X or macOS, it is nowhere close to impossible. To ensure that, Apple ID accounts are less permeable to hacking attempts of maliciously-intended individuals, the company has designed an additional security layer — two-step verification. The introduction of the stumbling block made it more difficult to access someone’s account even if their password is known. Although it is always better to err on the side of more security, some members of the Apple family prefer removing the two-step verification to simplify their access to Apple ID account.

The article discusses how the security system works and how to turn it off.

How Two-Step Verification Works

When the security feature is enabled, a user becomes the only person who can access their account, which makes the success of hacks and phishing scams less likely. Whenever someone tries to access an Apple ID account, they are required to verify their identity regardless of the fact that a proper password has been entered. Without having access to one of the user’s devices, an impostor would be hard pressed to perform one of the following:

  • Enter Apple ID account page;
  • Sign in to iCloud, iMessage, or FaceTime;
  • Conduct a transaction via iTunes or App Store.

The method of protecting an Apple ID account requires a person attempting to access it to enter a four-digit verification code, which has been transmitted either via an SMS or Find My iPhone feature. The access to the account is granted only after a proper code has been entered.

ios two step verification

It should be noted that two-step verification slightly differs from two-factor authentication. The latter security method is available for those Apple aficionados whose devices operate under iOS 9 or later and OS X El Capitan or later. Those who have updated their devices to iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra have been automatically transferred to two-factor authentication. The new method of account protection is more secure than its predecessor because it utilizes six-digit PIN and shows a user an approximate location in which an attempt to enter the account has taken place.

How to Disable Two-Step Verification

To disable the security feature, do the following:

  1. Launch a browser and go to the Apple ID page;
  2. Enter login details;
  3. Go to the Security settings of the account;
  4. Click on the Edit button;
  5. Check whether the verification is turned on and disable it by clicking Turn off two-step verification;
  6. Generate a new set of security questions;
  7. Verify birthdate.
turn off 2 step verification

After two-step verification has been disabled, a user will receive a confirmation email on their registered email address. Apple users are strongly encouraged not to turn off two-step verification. By disabling the security feature, an account gets exposed to the threat of information leakage. If after using the account without the additional protection layer, a user feels that convenience no longer overweighs security, they can turn on two-steps verification at any time.