How to Unpack Zip Files on Mac: The Detailed Manual

Frequently used Zip files are archives or compressed folder with several files, one element or another folder. They are often met when downloading some stuff from the Internet. Previously, the Zip format was limited only to the Windows world, but now such archives are created and used in Apple’s operating systems as well.

unzip file

If you ever had to download archives, for sure, you were interested in how to open them and view their contents. It turns out that opening such files on a Mac computer is very easy due to the built-in unarchiver.

Remember, files with a .zip extension are just a folder containing other folders or files. You need not so much to open as to extract the contents from them. In the archive, the total file size becomes smaller due to so-called compression. This makes the data exchange process more convenient. Of course, it makes sense: it’s easier to download one file than, for example, 1500 photos.

How to open .zip files using standard archiver

To extract data from the archive on the Apple computer is quite easily:

  • Use the Finder to detect the Zip file you need.
  • To get the extraction process started, click on the .zip file twice.
  • When this process is fully completed, the files extracted appear in the folder in which the archive was initially located.

You may also extract the contents from the archive by clicking on the file .zip using the right button of the mouse and selecting Open then.

Special software for decompressing on Mac

If you are an experienced Mac user, you surely encountered the situation when it was not possible to open some archives on Mac by standard tools. For this, you will need a peculiar software – a third-party archiver. Luckily for Mac fans, there are a lot of such tools out there, and most of them are completely free.

The Unarchiver

The top program in this category, if we talk about the price-quality ratio, is a well-known unpacker The Unarchiver. This is an ideal example of free utility, which simply, quickly, and accurately solves the task assigned to it: it allows users to decompress archives of numerous formats, including .pap files.

Put it another way, The Unarchiver is a free-of-charge utility that is available for download in the official Apple store. This acts as a kind of guarantee of its validity. This program can unpack a huge amount of different files formats. The most widespread among them are zip, 7zip, RAR, and others.

Using this tool is easy. Just install it from the App Store in a common way. Further, in the configurations, you can pick out the list of those formats that the utility will unarchive in automatic mode. The main set of formats are opted by default, so if there is no some specific need, you can leave everything as it is.

From now on, to unzip any file, you simply need to click on it twice. The contents will be automatically moved to the same folder. That’s it, now unpacking any archive on your Apple computer for you is not a challenge.

Stuffit Expander

It is a powerful tool that supports almost all file formats regardless of the software used to compress it.

The utility can work with 25 different formats. Among them, you will find the most widespread formats, such as ZIP or RAR, as well as some Linux formats, including BZIP, TAR, and GZIP.

The tool works pretty well and is easy to use. Simply drag the archives you need to unpack, and Stuffit Expander will do the rest.

Other supported formats are SIT, SITX, SEA, HQX, BIN, CBR, TGZ, BZ2, LHA, ARC, MIME, CBZ, GZ, UUE, EXE, Z, CAB, YENC, PF, and UU.

If none of the above ways to unzip the archive on the Apple machine was successful, perhaps the matter is in the Zip file itself. Try to download it again and retry the attempt to unzip.