What If It Says “iPad Is Disabled – Connect To iTunes”?

apple ipad disabled
Source: livefortech.net

Today’s fast-moving world made the technologies an inseparable part of our lives. And rather often we and our work greatly depend on them. That’s why when iDevices get blocked (due to a child playing on it or just accidentally pressing the wrong buttons), this might be a serious problem.

However, there is an exit to any situation in our life, and disabled techniques are not an exception. Look at the article to get the precise information how to make everything right. And make your iPad work correctly.

How to manage the problem?

Actually, there are two ways you may try to bring the iPad to life. Let’s speak on the first one.

If you do not remember your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch password/passcode, or made it disable, try the next steps. Think over the way to erase your device. Here you can use iTunes. Or Recovery mode if iTunes usage is impossible.

Remember! If you have not previously saved all your data, we are sorry to inform you everything will be lost.

Having your iDevice synchronize with iTunes

  1. Connect to the computer and open iTunes.
  2. Wait few minutes for iTunes to sync and backup the device.
  3. After it has finished, press the Restore button.

Using the Recovery Mode

  1. Again, firstly connect to the computer and open iTunes.
  2. When the device is connected, force its restart to see the recovery mode screen. To do this, press and hold the Home and Top buttons.
  3. Now you see Restore/Update option. Click on Restore. And the software will be downloaded. In case of any problems, try again steps 2 and 3.
  4. When it finishes, just set up the device and you can use it.

Acting out the second way may HELP you SAVE your DATA. BUT use only the computer the iPad last synced with. To do this:

  1. Connect iPad to PC and open iTunes.
  2. Look up for the iPad name in the device unit in iTunes.
  3. Click on the name to see the Restore a backup or setup as a new iPad message.
  4. Choose Setup as a new iPad and then restore.
  5. See the iPad starts the backup. You need to cancel it before it is fully restored.
  6. Now, after the backup is force stopped, it will begin synchronizing. Do not allow it to happen. Postpone it.

These steps will help you unlock the iPad. It comes out that when you cancel iPad’s restoring, it helps your iPad to be reactivated.

When doing everything right, you will get reactivated iPad. And what more, your data won’t be lost.

We highly recommend you try the second restoring procedure in the first place. Thus, you may still be able to save all the important info. If it doesn’t work, you already have nothing to lose. If nothing of those mentioned above works for you, then visit the official Apple support service.