What Does “iCloud Locked” Mean and What Can You Do About It?

Some people who purchased a pre-owned iPhone could notice the device telling that iCloud is locked. They start thinking whether it might be a stolen phone then. Though a second-hand iPhone is not necessarily stolen, and the described situation is quite a common problem with iCloud. Luckily, it can be solved in several different ways.

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Experts can recall at least three different approaches to unlocking iCloud on iPhone. Many third-party developers promise to solve the problem, but one has to be cautious with them as the situation could get even worse.

What Does iCloud Lock Mean?

To begin with, one of the steps of setting up a new iPhone is to sign in to an Apple ID. Every device has a personal number, an IMEI. It is also important to activate Find my iPhone feature. Once you do so, the exclusive information is logged to the Apple account, and the device is recognized as iCloud locked. The personal account data is linked to the mobile device and saved on company’s servers. Without knowing the account’s login details, it might be an issue to unlock the iCloud.

Here are the safe ways to solve the problem of locked iCloud on iPhone.

Three Techniques Used to Unlock iCloud on iPhone

Simple & Quick Solution

  1. Move to Settings and find Wi-Fi. Pick the ‘I’ near the Wi-Fi network of your choice. Connect to it.
  2. Delete the DNS settings and type a new one based on the place you are living:
    • USA and North America:
    • Asia:
    • Europe:
    • Other areas:
  3. Press the Back button; move to the activation Help menu.

Wait for the “You have successfully connected to my Server” message to pop up.

Permanent Solution

The previous is considered to be the fastest method, and you are lucky if it works. What about the permanent solution?

  1. Open menuàApplicationsà The device should reboot.
  2. Pick the language and country, and then decide on the Wi-Fi settings.
  3. Choose the ‘I’ feature near the related Wi-Fi network. Scroll down and push the Menu button under HTTP PROXY.
  4. List out thirty emoji icons in the Server menu.
  5. Decide on up to 30 random characters in the Port Zone.
  6. Language and Unlock screen come next. Slide the Unlock screen several times and push the language options until you reach the Home screen.

Third-party Unlocker

Finally, an iPhone user can benefit from using a third-party application that serves as an official iPhone unlock. Make sure to choose a reliable, time-tested tool to avoid problems with the iOS stability and personal data security. The features of good iPhone unlockers include:

  1. The ability to continuously unlock iCloud without jailbreaking the device;
  2. Compatibility with all possible versions of iOS, including the most recent ones regardless of bootloader, baseband, and firmware.

All you have to do to unlock iCloud on iPhone with the help of specialized unlocker is to go to its official website and pick Unlock iCloud. Under the Device Details, type the information and pick the iPhone model. Enter an e-mail address where you’d like to receive the notification once the iPhone is unlocked. Pay the required price, and soon both iPhone and iCloud on it will be unlocked. Although such services are usually not expensive, we suggest you use them only if nothing else works.