How Can an iPod User Update Album Artwork?

The scenario to discuss in this post is as follows. You have added the artwork to iTunes and also wish to update the album artwork on the iPod device. An attempt to plug in the iPod and synchronize may fail.

Before surfing the Web terrorizing iPod users just like you on specialized forums, make sure the corresponding function is activated. To do so, go to sync album and make sure there is a checkbox required to sync the album’s artwork. Tick this one to synchronize album artwork.

Do not hurry to restore and re-sync from backup. Perhaps, all you need is the quality answer to each of your questions. They are waiting below!

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about Artworks

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The artwork may refuse to show up on iPod being stored in iTunes. The app will show a cover in numerous of its views provided with minimum 1 composition from the album with the embedded artwork. The device itself usually uploads just the artwork from the first song to come up with the cover flow as well as album views. In other words, it may fail to show the album art from time to time, no matter whether you have one stored in iTunes or no. Later, while the songs are playing on iPod, the artwork is shown only if it is available in the currently playing composition. Thus, the second song may not display the art.

You may discover tracks without artwork. To solve this issue, you will need to apply Google, Amazon, or Discogs to relate pictures with the corresponding tracks. In most cases, the basic requirement for the image size is 320×320 pixels or more. The shape should be square anyway. The image should have no borders.

In case there is artwork for several compositions only, discover the target album in the main music folder. Choose a track with the picture. Right-click or Option-click on the image and copy it. After that, choose all compositions of the album with the help of CTRL or Command-I to obtain Get Info. Insert the picture into the artwork box.

The user may rebuild artwork cache. In some situations, the artwork cache turns corrupt. That is why the app or device may refuse to display the appropriate artwork no matter whether it is correctly set up in iTunes or not.

In order to rebuild the artwork cache, connect the target device to the iTunes application. Place the iPod device in the Sources tab on the left. Choose the Music tab. Take away the tick from Display album artwork on your iPod. Then, synchronize the iPod device. This time choose the option and synchronize once more.

The approach is a bit different if you have a Touch model. Then, you will not have the Display album artwork on your iPod feature. The only couple of boxes you will see are Sync music and Include music videos. On the same page discussed above (the one for a regular iPod), the feature that you need shows up right below the Include music videos option. An iPod owner should see the feature called ‘Sync only checked songs and videos’ in the Summary menu. Select it. Then, remove the ticks from the compositions that you wish to update or synchronize. After that, check the songs and sync once more. In case none of these works, a Restore option looks to be the measure of last resort.