Updating iTunes application: Ultimate Guide

Keeping your macOS and all of your software updated is essential for the smooth and flawless work of your Apple device. You should perform the needed updates regularly to avoid glitches and slowdowns in the work of your Mac.

Open the App Store application on your Mac to check for any pending updates for your Mac software. On the toolbar of the App Store, find and click the Updates pane. Look through the list of the latest updates, and click the Update buttons, to download and install the ones that you need. The updates that were performed within the last month can be found at the bottom of the list.

In case you can’t find some of the awaited updates for your Mac’s apps:

  • Firstly, get installed those of the updates that are on the list. Then return to the list to check if there are any changes. If an app the update of which you expect is still not there, find its name via the Search field.
  • It is possible that you don’t see the updates for Mac firmware and Safari because they are automatically updated as the part of macOS.
  • Check for the updates with an app developer, if you didn’t get this app from the AppStore.
  • If your Mac device is running on OS X Snow Leopard or OS X Lion, you need to choose software updates on the Apple menu to get your OS X updated.

Now let’s take a look at the process of getting updates for iTunes, as an example.

Updating iTunes to the latest version

updating itunes

Read this short guide to perform the update to the latest version of iTunes smoothly.

Most of the Apple users can’t imagine their devices without iTunes. If you have this app installed on your Mac computer, follow the steps listed below, to perform the update to the latest version easily.

If iTunes isn’t installed on your computer, you can simply download its latest version and enjoy all the numerous benefits and cool features of this software.

Updating iTunes for Mac

  • Open the AppStore on Mac.
  • At the top of the window that opens, click the pane ‘’
  • Click ‘Install’ if you see any of the latest updates for iTunes or macOS available.

Updating iTunes for Windows

  • Open iTunes on your PC
  • Choose ‘Help’ in the menu bar, at the top of the iTunes window that opens. Next click ‘Check for ‘
  • Follow the prompts that you see, to get the latest version installed on your PC.

If you receive no prompts to upgrade to the latest version of iTunes, this means that your OS can support the current version of iTunes that you already have installed. However, some of devices or features may require the latest version of iTunes, which can though be supported by your system. Check the list of System requirements on the download page of iTunes.