How to Download macOS High Sierra?

If your Mac meets the macOS High Sierra system requirements, download the installation file from the Mac App Store to perform a system upgrade.

high sierra update

Is Your Mac Compatible with macOS High Sierra?

It is possible to upgrade to High Sierra if your Mac’s build and macOS version comply with its system requirements. Also, ensure your Mac model has at least 2GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 14.3GB to perform a smooth upgrade.

  • iMac models manufactured in late 2009 or later;
  • MacBook models manufactured in late 2009 or later;
  • MacBook Pro models manufactured in mid-2010 or later;
  • MacBook Air models manufactured in late 2010 or later;
  • Mac mini models manufactured in mid-2010 or later;
  • Mac Pro models manufactured in mid-2010 or later.

The following macOS versions are subject to the High Sierra upgrade:

  • macOS Sierra;
  • OS X El Capitan;
  • OS X Yosemite;
  • OS X Mavericks;
  • OS X Mountain Lion.

Note: After the macOS High Sierra upgrade is completed, the system will need a 1.5GB more storage space than macOS Sierra 10.12.6. To learn more about your Mac’s build, model, RAM, and storage capacity, go to About This Mac in the Apple menu.

How to Download High Sierra from the App Store?

install mac os high-sierra

Important: Prior to upgrading the current macOS version, back up your Mac. Next, do the following:

  1. On your Mac, launch the App Store app.
  2. Look for the macOS High Sierra installation in the App Store. Alternatively, open the macOS High Sierra page right away.
  3. On the High Sierra page, click the Download After that, the Install macOS High Sierra file will download into the Applications folder on your Mac.
  4. When the download is over, the installer will launch automatically. To proceed with the installation, click Continue and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. If necessary, use your administrator name and password to sign in and set up a helper tool. Next, click Add Helper to proceed.

How to Obtain an Automatic Download of macOS High Sierra?

If your current Mac OS version is El Capitan v10.11.5 or later, macOS High Sierra will download in the background. Once the download is over, you will see a notification saying macOS High Sierra can be now installed. To begin installation, click Install in the window of notification.

To put off the High Sierra installation, discard the notification. To install it at any convenient time, just launch the Install macOS High Sierra file lodged in the Applications folder. Otherwise, you can delete the High Sierra installer – simply drag and drop it into the Trash bin. If you need it again, you can download it from the App Store at any moment.

What Else to Know About macOS High Sierra Upgrade?

While the macOS High Sierra is installed, your computer might restart a few times in a row. During the reboots, it completes the important setup tasks. While the tasks are being completed, some applications (Spotlight or Apple Mail) become slow and sluggish. It is possible to download any of the previously downloaded Mac OS versions from the Purchased tab of the App Store