Ways to Use AirPlay or Screen Mirroring on iOS Devices

Do you wish to stream videos to your Apple TV or other devices equipped with AirPlayed or display media from one iOS device on another? Read this guide to AirPlay implementation.

Things Users Can AirPlay

Apple device owners can AirPlay videos and images from any iOS-based device to an Apple TV.

  1. It is possible to AirPlay audio files to Apple TV; AirPlay-enabled speakers and AirPort Express.
  2. One may share the screen from an iOS-based device to an Apple TV.
  3. AirPlay audio tracks from an iOS device to an Apple TV or enabled speakers.

AirPlay Any Types of Media Files from the Target iOS Device

To AirPlay a specific content stored on iPod, iPad, or iPhone, take the offered steps:

  1. Are you close enough to the Apple TV?
  2. Launch the application that you wish to AirPlay from.
  3. Tap the tiny screen icon or circles icon airplay icon. Tap AirPlay after that. Do it only in certain applications such as Photos. It is also possible to apply Control Center to AirPlay audios simply by changing the music output.
  4. Pick the target device. Make sure that it recognizes the Apple TV. What about another AirPlay-based gadget? If no, attempt to connect the target gadget to the Wi-Fi network shared by the desired device you wish to AirPlay.

Would You Like to Obtain a Reflection of the Target iOS Device?

Did you know that it is possible to locate the content of the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch screens on other monitors? Such thing is called mirroring, and you can do that with the help of AirPlay!

  1. Check if you are close to the Apple TV.
  2. Move your finger up to unlock the screen. This action will launch the Control Center.
  3. Over there, tap the monitor icon. It is a Scree Monitoring feature. A user will obtain a list of available devices. One of them should be an Apple TV if you have one. Aren’t you able to view the Apple TV being sure that you have got one? Is there another available AirPlay-activated device on the list? If no, try to connect the target device to the same Wi-Fi run by the device you wish to AirPlay.
  4. In case an AirPlay password shows up on the TV screen, type the password on your device. Hopefully, you remember it by heart.

Mind that the Apple TV applies the same screen rotation, resolution, and aspect ratio as the chosen device. How can one move the iOS device’s screen to the TV screen? Well, if you wish your iPad, iPod, or iPhone to appear on the Apple TV’s screen, just modify the zoom settings/aspect ratio.

How Can a User Switch Off AirPlay/Screen Mirroring Option?

  1. Launch the application, which is applying AirPlay.
  2. Choose a monitor icon or airplay icon. Do you wish to quit the process of mirroring? It is simple: just launch Control Center and pick Screen Mirroring.
  3. Simply tap the target device from the list of options.