How to Use Apple Keyboard in Windows with Boot Camp

It is possible to apply Apple keyboard or the one created for Windows with your Mac. Did you know that? Certain keys may work in a different way on Mac OS X and Windows.

How to map Windows keys to Apple keyboards?

Most of the keys you would notice on a personal computer possess analogies on an Apple keyboard:

Windows logo: push Command button

windows key

Backspace or Erase: push Delete

backspase key on mac

Enter: push Return

enter key on mac

Alt (left): push the Option key

left alt key on mac

Alt GR (right): push Option plus Control

right a;t key on mac

Apps: There is no such key or analogy on Apple keyboards

applications key on mac

Applying Windows On-Screen Keyboard for other features

In case your keyboard lacks come keys, it is possible to recreate them. Use the On-Screen Keyboard.

  • Pause/Break;
  • Insert;
  • Forward Delete;
  • Home;
  • End;
  • Page Up;
  • Page Down;
  • Number Lock;
  • Scroll Lock.

Printing from the screen

It is possible to print directly from the screen. Find a Print Active Window feature. It’s in Windows. Then, apply the Snipping tool as discussed on the official website of Microsoft (view this Microsoft support article).

Numeric keypad mappings

You can apply the standard numerical keys below the Function if you need a numerical entry on the Apple Wireless Keyboard. The external keyboards with the native numeric keypads offer the same option as Microsoft-related numeric keypads.

My keyboard stopped working!

You need to make sure you have all necessary software drivers first. In fact, Boot Camp should do it automatically for you. It allows using the functionality of Apple keyboards in Windows. Is the keyboard working when the Apple computer is launched in OS X instead of Windows? If it is your situation, reinstall Windows support software from Boot Camp Assistant.

Discover more on the topic

Do you need the key combinations for original characters in the area and language the Apple keyboard is created to support? Apply Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator then!

Here is how you can do that:

  1. Download and set up the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator. Launch it then.
  2. Select FileàLoad Existing Keyboard.
  3. Choose the keyboard you wish to view.
  4. Discover the country or area name on the list. It should be followed by “(Apple).”
  5. Stick to the instructions included in the application. It is possible to print photos of the keyboard. For instance, you can make a screen and print it while testing the modifiers like Option.

Please keep in mind that Apple company does not offer a technical phone support regarding setting up and using Windows operating system. However, you can ask your questions about the Boot Camp Setup Assistant. It is also possible to set up and recover Boot Camp software when your mac is booted from Windows. The support articles and discussions may also be accessible on Apple’s support website.