Do I Need to Use an App Like Dr. Cleaner or Any Other?

When it comes for a newbie to work with Mac, especially, if previously he/she worked with the Windows system, lots of questions arise. And probably, one of the most controversial among them all is whether to use any cleaning applications on Apple computers or not? For example, great lots of lances were broken between the two groups of supporters and opponents of such Mac cleaner as Dr. Cleaner. So, here we are to speak about this division and try to represent all points of view so that you could make the final decision.

What is Dr. Cleaner?

dr.cleaner for mac

In short, it is a utility designed to clean Apple computers out of various junk data. There are two versions of the Dr. Cleaner application. One is for free, and another one (called “Pro version”) has a price of $19.99. Thus, the functions of them are slightly different. The Pro version allows you to remove unnecessary applications, search for duplicate files and has a built-in system monitor to see some parameters of the computer.

The free version will help users fight against any unnecessary or large files. It makes Mac owners quickly find and clear all the large files (which additionally can be filtered by type, use date or size), as well as temporary files (cache, logs, etc.).

What is more, the free app has its own system monitor. It allows you to monitor the amount of used RAM, to optimize its use, as well as keep tabs on the processor and the network connection speed. And you can find the duplicates as in the Pro version, but you’re only able to delete them manually.

However, many Mac users highly recommend others not to use neither Dr. Cleaner nor any other cleaning application. Let’s see the arguments of both sides.

To Use Dr. Cleaner or not to Use?

It is always up to you to make a decision on how to live your life, which places to go to, what food to eat, which OS to use, and whether to install applications you want. So, let’s discuss in details the advantages and disadvantages of Mac cleaning applications.

The pros:

  • These apps help maintain your Mac performance on the high level;
  • They make your Mac work smoothly and fast;
  • They allow you to clean your Mac’s hard drive space effectively in places that you’d never look into yourself;
  • They are intended to find and delete any types of duplicate files, including the Photo folders and iTunes;
  • They can manage RAM for better performance;
  • They allow you to do the preventive cleaning before the system updates;
  • Some of them also secure your Mac and all the personal data;

This list is in no way full, but even like this, it demonstrates many advantages and reasons why using Mac cleaners may be advisable.

Now, let’s peep inside the ‘dark’ side of cleaners according to many Mac users.

The cons:

  • These apps are considered to be totally useless since Mac’s operating system can do all the best work on its own;
  • It is not necessary to protect your computer with these applications; you can do it on your own: do not use torrent sites for downloading apps and keep your Mac’s system updated;
  • Using any of the cleaning programs can lead to unwanted data deletion, corruption, or even make your Mac working slow and inefficiently;
  • They are seemed only to rub the potential users’ money.

Having considered both the sides of these applications use, we are to remember you it is only your own decision whether to use them or not.