How to Use Duplex Printing in Pages?

Apple Pages is a word processor being a part of iWork suite for document creation and printing purposes. The app allows making fast print-outs with minimum user involvement. However, duplex printing in Pages has been reported by many users as problematic. When printing a double-sided brochure in Pages, the second page would always be upside down. The issue has persisted on different printer models. If you’re among the affected users, read on to learn how to fix the problem.

How to Print a Document in Pages?

1. In the File menu on top of the screen, select File → Print. Alternatively, use a Command-P key combination.

2. Pick a printer in the Printer pop-up menu. In case no printers are displayed in the menu, pick either Nearby Printers or Add Printer, and look for available printers.

3. Specify printing options:

  • Copies: choose how many copies you want to print.
  • Two-Sided: If you need a double-sided printout, select the checkbox next to the option. Note: the option is active if double-sided printing is supported.
  • Preview individual pages: to view specific pages prior to printing, click the arrows located below the document.
  • Printing range: to specify the beginning and ending pages of a printout, select the Range option in the Pages pop-up menu.
  • If you need more printing options: click Show Details to modify the layout, paper handling options, and more.

4. When all is set, click Print.

Note: the printing options largely depend on the features available in a specific printer and Mac OS.

How to Use Duplex Printing in Apple Pages?

To prevent the second page from coming out upside down when using duplex printing, do the following:

  1. In the printing menu, check Two-sided.
  2. In the Output Settings drop-down menu, select Short-Edge binding instead of Long-Edge binding.

The Short-Edge binding option is used for print jobs with pages bound along the short edge of the page.

The Long-Edge binding option is used for print jobs with pages bound along the long edge of the page.

Depending on the printer used, there might be a need to play around with settings. Most modern printing workstations have both the long-edge and short-edge binding options.