Is It Possible to Use FaceTime on Windows 7?

Just like Skype, FaceTime is a popular video-calling technology, initially created for the Apple users. The software supports both video and audio calls between compatible devices. Since 2010, Apple users may enjoy this fast way of communication. No matter whether you have iPad, Mac, iPhone, or iPod, it is possible to install and start using FaceTime.

The primary feature is enabling video calls to the rest of FaceTime users. It is enough to have the app installed and a user-facing digital camera.

When people tend to live far from home for some time, they benefit from using FaceTime on their Apple devices. However, what if one of the family members or close friends does not have a compatible Apple device? What is someone who is using Windows for ages decides to try FaceTime? Imagine a situation: one of the members has Alienware PC with Windows 7 or up installed on it. Skype has many drawbacks in contrast to FaceTime, so you may wonder whether it is possible to set up FaceTime on Windows 7.

Well, frankly speaking, there is no way to get FaceTime for Windows OS if you have one. The developers have established this one exclusively for the Apple devices. Still, mind other identical tools for Windows operating system. After all, famous Skype is not that bad. You can also try Viber on both Windows PC and Android mobile devices.

FaceTime Alternative for Windows: ooVoo

ooVoo is one of the best analogies offered by the Windows users who wish to interact with their Apple colleagues. Keep in mind that this video chat is solid on PC, but may experience some slowdown in performance on Android mobile devices. Unlike Skype, ooVoo is focused on social video calling meaning making group calls or interacting with the teams in the real-time regime. It keeps on using frivolous ways to appeal to a younger population.

The best thing is that ooVoo, unlike FaceTime, was designed to suit both Android and iOS platform. It works well on PC, smartphones, and tablets. The software arrives equipped with Facebook and directory auto-loading. It makes the process of discovering close people and getting in touch with them easy and fast.

ooVoo is a cloud-based solution. The quality if video and audio will most probably satisfy the majority of its users.

To conclude, it is important to mention that compatibility is not the prior obstacle. Apple made FaceTime “open” meaning that anyone could build it into software compatible with other operating systems different from macOS.