How to Use Siri on Apple TV 4K and 4th Generation Apple TV?

Siri is a virtual digital assistant that ships with modern Apple devices. On Apple TV 4K and 4th generation Apple TV micro-consoles, Siri can help you find applications, films, and TV shows. To use the digital assistant on Apple TV, press down the Siri button on the Siri Remote, make a search request and release the Siri button.

Next, the assistant will perform a country-specific search in the background and provide you with options or an answer to your question. Unlike iOS and macOS devices, Siri doesn’t talk, so it doesn’t interrupt the programs you’re watching or music you’re listening to.

use siri apple tv

How to Enable/Disable Siri?

To configure the digital assistant, navigate to Settings General Siri on your Apple TV. Note: On Apple TV, Siri operates silently by default. In case it pronounces the names of items or settings, check if VoiceOver is on. To disable VoiceOver, access SettingsGeneralAccessibilityVoiceOver and switch off VoiceOver.

Don’t Stop Asking Your Questions!

To get the answers to the most disturbing questions, just hold down the Siri button on Remote. Tell what you wish and release the button. The software will look through various applications based on the user’s area of living. After that, it will display the possible replies or solutions to the problem. It does not talk to Mac owners.

Observe films and TV shows and monitor what you are watching

Each time a person asks for a particular film, Siri brings the expected result right to him or her. Once you chose a film, view the entire information such as plot summary, cast, and feedback with the help of Siri.

Search by title

Do you know the title of the desired movie? Then, you may narrow the search by it. In case of more than a single choice, Siri will display the rest of them, like “Lord of the Rings” and “Lord of the Rings III: The Return of the King.”

Search by genre, type, cast, etc.

If the person has some doubts regarding the preferred film, Siri will help. Just specify your preferred genre or favorite actors to succeed. It can also select the best movies for you based on their ratings, etc. For instance, a user may type something like:

“What are the latest releases from Marvel?”

“Discover thrillers and horror movies.”

“Find shows like Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.”

Refine your search

It is possible to refine the search process by cast, interval of time, crew, etc. Examples:

“Only dramas.”

“Wes Craven’s movies.”

“90’s action movies.”

Monitor what’s on

During the process of watching, ask any questions regarding the movie or show. You may also modify the settings.

Those could be:

“What did the person say at the particular moment of time?”

“Who is playing that guy/girl?”

Look for the Apple Music and monitor what you listen to

Are you the one with an Apple Music membership? Then, you are the lucky user as Siri will look for right what you need by artist/album and monitor what music is on. Find out what you can ask in the samples.

Play by specific track, album, and artist

A user may command the app to play all audio tracks from a specific artist without necessarily having them in the library. Another option is to make Siri play your tracks from the library. For example:

“Play the latest Avril Lavigne album.”

“Play the first album of Metallica.”

Play by charts

It is possible to command Siri to let you hear only the new tracks or some recent hits. You may say something like:

“Play hits from the 80s.”

“Play the top 5 United States songs.”

Listen to Apple Music Radio

Siri may play a specific radio station/develop an exclusive one. For instance:

“Play rock music radio.”

“Create a new radio station based on AOR.”

Monitor what you listen to

A user may ask Siri to shuffle the audio tracks like:

“Add this album to my library.”

“Skip this song.”

Enjoy More Siri Options!

Did you know that the app also offers sports scores, weather forecasts, and launches certain software? It even allows navigating the Apple TV with the help of voice commands.

Detect applications

Discover/enter the application’s name in the App store. For example:

  • “Find the iTunes app.”
  • “Find apps for caring parents.”

Work with YouTube

Just add the name of the famous video player:

  • “Search YouTube for the world’s highest skyscraper.”
  • “Find guitar lessons in Spanish for beginners.”

Discover podcasts

It is enough to come up with a word “podcast” to get what you need:

  • “Find podcasts about the political regime in African countries.”
  • “Look for podcasts about horses and their life.”

Use Siri with HomeKit

A user may command to switch off the lights to have a romantic movie evening, for instance. The examples could be:

  • “Turn the lights out in the bedroom.”
  • “Set the temperature to N degrees.

What’s up with the weather?

No matter what region you are currently interested in, Siri will give the accurate result and forecast:

  • “What’s the temperature outside?”
  • “How’s the weather in Alabama?”

Observe the score

If you are a great sports fan, Siri will demonstrate the latest results you could probably miss:

  • “What’s the NBA current schedule?”
  • “Who won the World Cup last year?”
  • “What are the best Olympics results this year?”

View stocks

Business people might be interested in finding prices for individual markets and check stocks immediately:

  • “Where’s the NASDAQ today?”
  • “How’s Walmart’s stock today?”

See even more

Launch various apps on your Apple TV. For example:

  • “Go to Photos.”
  • “Launch Hulu.”