Use Spotlight to Find Whatever You Need Quickly

Do you know what Spotlight stands for? This magic option assists in locating items on your computer and many other things.

How to perform a search with Spotlight

mac os search button

How can a Mac owner use Spotlight? Each time you need an exact file (photo, doc, application, video, etc.), just rely on Mac’s Spotlight. Are you using Mac OS X Yosemite? Then, you are twice lucky to have additional options like Wikipedia findings, iTunes, newsfeeds, websites, and much more.

In order to launch this valuable helper, click the magnifying glass icon in the upper-right corner of the menu bar, or push Command + Space from any application.

Once the user launches the Spotlight utility, it shows up in the front and center. If you want to look for a particular folder, file, or app, start entering the name of the item or even related keywords to make the system display all possible results. The tags might also help to speed up the search process. After all, a user might have forgotten the exact name of the file, but some associations would be helpful. Moreover, when connected to the Internet, a Mac owner can quickly detect certain news websites or Wikipedia articles using Spotlight. Discover the address of the closest Apple Store if you need something urgently.

While you keep entering various words, the tool will autocomplete the search field with valuable offers. Most probably, you will find just what you need over there. There is no need to enter a full name once the smart utility guesses what you are looking for – just press on it. Press Return after typing the initial letters of the desired item.

A user may watch extra findings of the Spotlight utility with the help of either up/down keys or the pointer. You might discover what you need in the additional results. Moreover, the tool displays a broad preview of every offered result. So, there is no need to open another application to view the details.

Would you like to open a particular file or folder? Just double-click a highlighted file or push Return to launch it. Return button will be useful as well. Watch the documents and software launching right from the Spotlight window, which makes it extra comfortable.

Bonus features

The offered results contain various dictionary definitions, fast estimations, and currency conversions. If you need to know how much dollars one Euro is on your vacation, Spotlight will help even with this problem. You can also quickly obtain the results of any mathematical calculations. Thus, Spotlight serves as a great calculator as well.

Privacy settings

privacy settings spotlight

Just leave the suggestions and results to apply the tool to scan only the Apple computer itself. Move to the System Preferences. There, you will find Spotlight and Search Results. Remove the tick next to the Spotlight Suggestions and Bing Results. If you do not find any of the options necessary, switch them off from the same pane. Move from the System Preferences to Spotlight. There you will see “About Spotlight Suggestions and Privacy” to get more information.

Get out from the Location services using Spotlight. It is located in the System Preferences à Security and Privacy. If you don’t want the system to submit your current location to Apple, just switch off the Location Services. Why would Apple need your internet connection’s IP address? It requires it to offer relevant search results by connecting the user’s accurate location with the geographic area.

Mind that you cannot apply certain Spotlight options in particular locations. Those are special features like Bing search. Moreover, they require an internet connection all the time.