What do I Need to Know About Using Apple Pencil with iPad Pro?

Make notes, doodle, create your unique designs and more with Apple Pencil on your iPad Pro. Learn to use, charge, pair, and change the tip of the Apple Pencil.

ipad pro apple pencil
Source: support.apple.com

What is inside the box?

  • Apple Pencil
  • A Lightning Adapter
  • An extra tip

Learn to pair Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro

To get started, you should sync Apple Pencil with iPad Pro. To do so, take the Pencil’s cap off, next plug it into the Lightning connector.

Tap the button Pair, once it appears on the screen.

Once the Apple Pencil is paired with iPad Pro, it’ll stay synced till you restart the device, enable the airplane mode or pair the Apple Pencil with the other iPad. After, you’ll have to get the Apple Pencil once again when you need it.

Using Apple Pencil

Make good use of your Apple Pencil: draw, write, and markup with it. Use the pre-installed software and look for the new applications in the App Store. In such apps as Notes, you can sketch and draw with the Pencil.

To draw sketches in Notes, do the following:

  • Launch Notes.
  • Tap the button create note icon.
  • Tap notes draw icon, to start drawing. Upgrade the app, in case you can’t see notes draw icon. Tap more tools icon for sketching; next tap the button Add Sketch.
  • Start creating your sketch or drawing. Choose from various color and drawing options. Use the eraser in case you made a mistake. Shade the lines by tilting the Apple Pencil; darken the lines by pressing it to the screen firmly.

Nothing will interrupt you while drawing: Multitasking, Control Center or Notification Center won’t get activated if you draw with the Apple Pencil close to the edges of the iPad’s screen.

Charging Apple Pencil

To charge Apple Pencil, plug it to the Lightning Connector of iPad. It will take you only around 15 seconds to get your Apple Pencil fully charged, and ready for being used for at least 30 minutes.

Alternatively, you can plug a device into a USB port a cable Lightning to USB and with a Charging Adapter.

Check on the view in the Widgets, to control the level of charge left in Apple Pencil.

Replacing the tip

appple pencil cap tip
Source: support.apple.com

Replace the tip of Apple Pencil easily if it becomes damaged or worn. The device comes packed with one extra tip; you can purchase new tips if needed. The process of replacing is easy: all you need is to unscrew the device’s tip and then screw the new tip in.

What to do if Apple Pencil won’t pair with iPad Pro

  • First, get iPad Pro restarted, next try pairing the devices once again.
  • Open Settings, go to the section Bluetooth and check if it is enabled.
  • While on this screen, check for Apple Pencil under the section My Devices. Tap the button app info icon, if you can see it. Next, tap the option Forget this Device.
  • Get Apple Pencil plugged into iPad Pro, then tap the button Pair once it appears on the screen in a few seconds.
  • If you still can’t see the button Pair, let your Apple Pencil get charged for a minute. Next, unplug the device, plug it back. Wait till you can see the button Pair.
  • Contact the Apple Support if none of the tips listed above have helped, and the Pair button still won’t show up on the iPad’s screen.