How to Verify Account Information on iOS Device?

verify account information iosNo matter whether you have a new iPhone or older iOS device, you may still face a problem with confirming account info. Most often, it is an adverse consequence of upgrade to iOS 6. The result is the inability to buy wanted applications and games. The system will ask to confirm the payment details over and over again. There could be two obstacles on your way.

  1. A person is unable to verify account information.
  2. The system tells that the user’s session has timed out.

Below, we take a look at both obstacles, trying to find the best solutions.

Try This Before Anything Else

Some tips are worth trying before digging deeper into the problem. One of the popular and quite effective solutions is removing the Exchange account and adding it back once again.

  1. Move to Settings.
  2. Go this way: Mail → Accounts → Tap Exchange Account → Delete Account.
  3. Reset the wireless network by choosing to Reset Network Settings in Settings → General.
  4. Reboot the iOS device. Push and keep holding the Sleep/Wake button. A red slider should show up. Once you notice it, push and hold the Sleep/Wake button again, but this time you need to see an Apple logo.
  5. Type Wi-Fi details and passcodes if prompted.
  6. Add the Exchange Just pick Add Account in Accounts under Mail. In case a window appears asking whether to Cancel, Trust, or Continue, pick Trust.

Check the Credentials

If the issue with verification still exists, start from the beginning – ensure the correctness of the credentials. Attend the web access and confirm the credentials. One of the ideas may be to log into the personal account with the help of Outlook Web App and pick the drop-down arrow near the Help question mark. Just pick About and confirm the server name afterward.

Except for the method described above (deleting the Exchange account just to add it back), the following tips may work:

  • Check cellular network (go to Settings → Cellular to scroll under Use Cellular Data For and ensure the activation of Mail and Settings)
  • Apply Mobile Data and switch off Wi-Fi (turn on and off the Airplane mode; switch off Wi-Fi and come up with an account using Mobile Data)
  • Switch off SSL (in Settings → Mail → Account → Exchange account → Account → Advance, switch off Use SSL)
  • Come up with a domain name and add to the username
  • Modify the exchange passcode (you may do it in Outlook)
  • Reset network settings
  • Erase cookies

Make sure that your credentials are correct. To check, just visit the web access and verify your credentials. For instance, sign in to your account using Outlook Web App and click the drop-down arrow next to the Help question mark, and then click About and verify the server name.

Manual Solution

This one is a bit irritating, but you should try it too!

  1. Tap OK on the error message.
  2. Pick Save (up to 3 times).
  3. Enter email address in the Exchange field near the Account pane.
  4. Type email and server address. Leave Domain empty.
  5. Type username.
  6. Enter passcode.
  7. Tap Done.

Session Timed out: Some Things You Should Consider

This method works in most cases.

  1. Open Settings on the target device.
  2. Move to iTunes and App Store.
  3. Pick personal Apple ID and View Apple ID. Log in if prompted.
  4. Pick the payment information. Fill out the fields. Push Done.

You may see that the last screen to show up is the one issuing the initial problem. This time, it should not time out! You may also try signing in to iTunes from your Mac.

We believe that this variety of options is more than enough to solve your problem with the verification process.