How to Make Calls without Cellular Connection?

ios wi-fi calling

The only place with the decent mobile signal in your apartment is next to the window on the second floor, or you can’t get in touch with your friends from the parking lot in the shopping center? Not anymore! The Wi-Fi calling feature enables customers to make calls in places with bad reception or no phone signal with Wi-Fi connection.

Note: This option is available only on iPhone 5c and later models as well as with a supported cellular carrier.

Enable Wi-Fi calling on your device

Go to Settings, tap Phone and then Wi-Fi calling to be able to make calls using Wi-Fi on the iPhone. Sometimes it may be required to prove your Apple ID for emergency services.

In cases when there is a proper cellular connection, your device will use it to make emergency calls. However, if Wi-Fi calling is enabled and mobile network is not available, iPhone will place emergency calls using Wi-Fi. Furthermore, the location of your device sometimes can be used for emergency calls whether or not Location Services are turned on.

Then, when Wi-Fi Calling becomes available, Wi-Fi will appear next to the name of your carrier and the calls will be made using Wi-Fi.

Benefit from Wi-Fi calling on other devices

In case your cell phone carrier provides Wi-Fi calling option on other devices connected to your iCloud, it is possible to call from other devices using Wi-Fi. You can even make such calls if the iPhone is turned off or is connected to the different Wi-Fi network.

You can enjoy Wi-Fi calling if you have any of the following devices:

  • iPad or iPad touch-operated by iOS 9+;
  • Apple Watch operated by watchOS 2+;
  • Mac of 2012+ model operated by OS X El Capitan except for Mac Pro (mid-2012 model).

Also, check if the Apple ID used for iCloud and FaceTime on your another device is the same as on the iPhone. It is also important that relevant devices are updated to the latest OS version.

In the following instructions, we are going to describe how to make Wi-Fi calls on your iCloud-connected devices.

Make a call on your Mac, iPad or iPod touch

  1. Add a device with Wi-Fi Calling option (see instructions below).
  2. Find FaceTime app.
  3. Proceed to Audio.
  4. Put the phone number or select the contact.
  5. Tap on start call icon.

Calls can also be made directly by selecting the number in Messages, Safari, Mail as well as other apps for your convenience.

Make a call on your Apple Watch

  1. Find Phone
  2. Select the required contact
  3. Tap on wi-fi call icon.
  4. Choose the FaceTime Apple ID or phone number you wish to call

Add the device to Wi-Fi Calling option

To begin with, check if your device has been updated to the latest OS version and follow the step-by-step guide below.

  1. On the iPhone, find the Settings app, go to Phone, enable Wi-Fi calling and Calls on Other Devices.
  2. Select Add Wi-Fi Calling For Other Devices.
  3. Make sure that you are signed in on the other devices to the same Apple ID credentials as on the iPhone.
  4. Enable Wi-Fi Calling feature:
  • For iPod touch or iPad, the path is: Settings>Facetime, then Calls from iPhone > Upgrade to Wi-Fi calling.
  • For Mac, go to the FaceTime app, select FaceTime, then Preferences, proceed to Settings, click on Calls From iPhone and choose Upgrade to Wi-Fi Calling.
  1. The six-digit code should appear on the screen. Put it in the relevant bar on the iPhone and choose Allow.

Note! Wi-Fi Calling becomes enabled on Apple Watch only if Calls on Other Devices option is turned on.

Should you can’t manage to add the device, double check the following:

  • Wi-Fi Calling, as well as Allow Calls on Other Device, should be enabled on your iPhone. Also, your another device should appear next to Allow Calls On.
  • You should use the same Apple ID for iCloud and FaceTime on your iPhone and the other devices you wish to make Wi-Fi calls from.

Delete a device from Wi-Fi Calling

In case you don’t want to make and receive Wi-Fi calls from the other device, it is very simple to delete it from the list. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Find Settings, go to Phone, then Calls on Other Devices on your iPhone.
  2. Disable Wi-Fi calling for the device you want to delete from the list.

If you wish to remove Apple Watch, find the Watch App on your iPhone, select My Watch, then Phone and disable Wi-Fi Calling.

Need some help?

Should you not be able to enable Wi-Fi calling or place calls, check whether your cell phone carrier provides Wi-Fi calling feature and whether the relevant devices are updated to the latest iOS version. Also, make sure that FaceTime is available in your country. If so, follow the instructions below. We recommend you to wait a couple of minutes prior to proceeding with each step.

  1. Find Settings, go to Phone, then Wi-Fi Calling and check if it is enabled.
  2. Reboot the device.
  3. Try connecting to another Wi-Fi spot. Note that not all networks support Wi-Fi Calling feature.
  4. Disable Wi-Fi Calling and enable it once more.
  5. Find Settings, go to General, scroll to Reset and select Reset Network Settings.